No Accountability

So now you show up when they are ready to be suspended or expelled and now we are to blame😫, not your child or even you😠. Where were you for the parent/teacher conference👀👀 when we were trying to prevent/correct the behaviors? Oh no😤, you came showing out because we took their phone are they can’t participate in activities. We are creating a generation of No Accountability. Parents aren’t disciplining children and they come to school with that same mentality. I’m an old school parent so it’s probably best if ‘I exit stage left👋!’ Ms. Davis ain’t having it. I’m ready to excuse myself from several groups because parents expectations are sometimes unrealistic, there are in denial, and some actually think we will accept what their child does to them at home to continue at school😕. I actually had a parent tell me not to give her son homework, I’m like WTF. My Pre-K students are reading. We don’t limit our scholar to the set standards, we expand their knowledge because we know the uphill battle our ESE pre-K are facing  I’m a mother of an Intellectual Disabled son and I’ve NEVER come to IEP meetings demanding things. His teachers just like myself are with the students 7+ hours, 5 days a week. Can we get some credit in knowing what we are doing? I’m grateful for Mrs. Joanne Harrison Wallace Ms. Delia Ford. I was giving the business by Delia, she didn’t sugarcoat anything. She told me Brian was going to high school and I was not holding him back. It was my fear, and I will admit, he excelled. He was VP of marketing during the teddy bear sale 😜😎now what if Ms. Ford didn’t say anything. I also thank parents like Kyla Michele and Anghelly Uribe for knowing what we went through and worked with us. I filter what I say because people are so sensitive and you now have to literally have a politically correct refresher course every day. I’ll leave you with something my mom told me, she said: “Lisa, the world is not going to love Brian the way you do, so teach him manners.” And “people mistreat bad kids.” It’s a hard fact but true.

Guess what time it is?

It’s time for Special Olympics! Brian will continue bowling and his sister will be his Unified partner. We took a couple of years off because of our Mental Health issues. My daughter and I have major depression and we decided we need to do this not only for him but for us also. His niece is carrying the torch now helping out with Special Olympics Bocce😇  🗽







Living His Best life

There was a time that I felt that Brian was unhappy and I felt guilty. I always blamed myself for him being born with brain damage. Now I know that this emotion is felt by every parent. It doesn’t matter what the child has been diagnosed with. Just think, what do “regular children,” parents think about? They worry just like us. Not only the future but also the “Now.” If my handsome son, my #foreverroommate was not DD I would worry about him getting into trouble, having sex+babies, following the crowd, etc. Ask your child “how they feel,” see what bothers them. From there you can try and mend it. I noticed I was the one worrying and he was 😁Living his best Life✌. I still struggle sometimes with guilt, but I have to constantly remind myself that life is not perfect and we have to live the best way we can.


Autism Stigmas

This is going to be a very informative autism event being held at South Plantation High School. We will hear from several experts in the field of autism.

Since the shooting in Parkland, and the news releasing unconfirmed information that the shooter had been diagnosed with autism, many kids and adults with autism have been discriminated. We want to make sure that the world has better information about what autism is and is not. We must ensure that ALL kids with autism get what they need regardless of their abilities.

Please Register today! Offering Support and Dispelling Myths About People Living with Autism

Due to recent events there have been incidents of bullying due to fear and misunderstanding about autism. It is our hope that the whole community can come together for this special event.

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month
Our panel of experts will focus on key issues affecting the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

Acceptance • Advocacy • Inclusion • Education • Public Perception Employment • Mental Health • Dispelling Myths • Aggression vs Violence Behavior Support • Peer Mentoring

Acceptance • Advocacy • Inclusion • Education • Public Perception Employment • Mental Health • Dispelling Myths • Aggression vs Violence Behavior Support • Peer Mentoring

ASL, she has a gift

What she learned in ASL help everyone during the summer she volunteered at the YMCA where I worked. We had a student that was hearing impaired and cursed and my daughter understood. The look on his face was priceless😮


God’s Gift 🎁to us

At a time when she had giving up on life God gave her (my daughter) a reason to keep on living. That reason came with ten little fingers and ten toes.