Living His Best life

There was a time that I felt that Brian was unhappy and I felt guilty. I always blamed myself for him being born with brain damage. Now I know that this emotion is felt by every parent. It doesn’t matter what the child has been diagnosed with. Just think, what do “regular children,” parents think about? They worry just like us. Not only the future but also the “Now.” If my handsome son, my #foreverroommate was not DD I would worry about him getting into trouble, having sex+babies, following the crowd, etc. Ask your child “how they feel,” see what bothers them. From there you can try and mend it. I noticed I was the one worrying and he was 😁Living his best Life✌. I still struggle sometimes with guilt, but I have to constantly remind myself that life is not perfect and we have to live the best way we can.


4 thoughts on “Living His Best life

  1. Oh no, please do not blame yourself. You will live the best way you can, I’m sure.
    All the best
    Maybe you will have a glimpse on Byron Katie and her “The Work”. It helps many people a lot.

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